On Faith: The Environment as a Religious Priority

The Washington Post is currently sponsoring a section called “On Faith,” designed to be a conversation between people of all sorts of different faiths each week around a different question.  The current question seems quite appropriate to our concerns here:

“International scientists have raised a new alarm about the dangers of global warming. Should care for the environment be a major priority for people of faith? Why or why not?”

You can check in and see the different responses, which vary from “Concern For Environment is Believers’ Religious Obligation” to “I Am A Conservationist, Not An Environmentalist” to “Environmental Care: An Opportunity For Muslim-Evangelical Cooperation.”

(The reference to “international scientists” is of course to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who recently confirmed that there is scientific consensus that climate change is being caused by human activity.  A PDF containing their report summary for policy makers on the physical science basis of climate change is available here.)


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