Young Adult Ecumenical Forum on Environmental Justice

Our friends at Eckerd have passed along word of the 2007 Young Adult Ecumenical Forum, to be held in Boston, July 26-29.  Here’s the conference description:

 ” The purpose of the 2007 Young Adult Ecumenical Forum (YAEF) is to respond faithfully to God’s call as announced in the book of the Hebrew Prophet Micah. Through education, reflection, dialogue and community action, we hope to create a movement through which young adults can grow as an ecumenical community, participate in spiritual formation, forge a safe space for dialogue on contentious issues, and work for justice in their communities.

* * *

You visit the earth and water it, you greatly enrich it the river of God is full of water; you provide the people with grain, for so you have prepared it.
— Psalm 65:9

As people of faith, we are deeply concerned about justice and the integrity of all creation. Issues of poverty, violence, hunger, and access to resources are contingent upon environmental sustainability and ecological care. Therefore, the mission of the 2007 Young Adult Ecumenical forum is to raise questions about environmental justice and propose means of announcing good news for all of our ecosystem.

This year’s upcoming Young Adult Ecumenical Forum will be held in Boston, Massachusetts from July 26 – 29. The topic is Environmental Justice.”

 It’s good to see religious communities coming together to recognize the links between caring for the world and caring for the people in it.  You can find more information, and register for the conference at


23 responses to “Young Adult Ecumenical Forum on Environmental Justice

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  11. Sounds like a neat organization. Maybe you can pressure a breakthrough in December. I have been posting on ecumenical dialogue and Christian unity, so I caught your posting here. It has been awhile, but I once took a course on Christian environmental ethics and found it to be very interesting.

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