Step It Up Next Weekend

One week from today, on April 14, citizens around the country will gather together to call for action: “Step it up Congress! Cut carbon 80% by 2050!”  There are over 1300 actions planned thus far, with at least one in every state.  To participate, you can go to Step It Up 2007 and either find an action happening near your or plan one of your own.  It could be as simple as gathering a few people together to quietly hold signs at a busy place in your community, or it could be as big as the rally that will take place here in Chicago, downtown at Daley Plaza, where the commissioner of the Chicago Department of Environment (and others) will be speaking and the band Das Kapital will be playing, among other activities.

Consider: the Supreme Court recently ruled that the EPA must regulate greenhouse gases as part of the Clean Air Act, and that they cannot fail to enforce them just because of political disagreement in Washington.  Now is the time to step up and tell our legislators just how much tougher these regulations need to be, now that there’s some commitment to enforce them.  So if you can’t make it out to an event next weekend, at least contact your representatives.  See the Write Your Representative page for members of the House and the Senate website’s contact info for members of the Senate.


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