Step It Up Follow Up

You can check out the news to hear about some of the creative actions folks engaged in across the country yesterday as part of Step It Up; here are links to stories at CNN and the NYTimes. (Apologies for the large bias towards The New York Times here on the blog; it just happens to be the paper we read most frequently.)

In addition, a report coming out this week from national security advisers tags global warming as a major security threat to the U.S.  Now, I’m not a fan of the overdone language about needing more security in our country, but I’ll say one thing: it seems to have weight with politicians.  So now’s the time, following on these actions all around our country, to contact your representatives.  And if you know your representative is already prepared to back legislation fighting global warming, use the time to write someone who seems like maybe they’re on the fence, whether or not they’re your specific rep, so they get the picture that people do care.

Once again, see the Write Your Representative page for members of the House and the Senate website’s contact info for members of the Senate.


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