Global Warming in the Pulpit Pledge

Fighting global warming is not something we can do alone.  While we can take actions as individuals, only if we all begin to act together and to work for structural changes in addition to changes in our personal habits, can we truly lessen the climate change now occurring.  We must hence act not merely as individuals but as communities.  As participants in different religions, we need to educate and mobilize our religious communities on global warming.

You can take a step towards this by encouraging the leader or speaker in your religious congregation to sign the “Global Warming in the Pulpit Pledge.” The pledge states, “I pledge to preach on global climate change at least once in 2007, recognizing that Earth Day is Every Day and for Everyone.”  Many religious leaders will be fulfilling that pledge this Sunday, on Earth Day; others are choosing to wait until later in the year, to help keep climate change on our minds after the hype of Earth Day fades away.  Either way, you can take the time now to encourage your leader to recognize global warming as a moral and religious issue, and to preach on climate change this year.

And while you’re at it, why not invite them to lead a time of prayer this weekend, as part of the Day of Prayer and Reflection on Global Warming?  It may be planned last minute, but surely better than not planned at all!


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