Report from the University of Chicago Day of Prayer Service

It’s been a few weeks now since the Day of Prayer happened. Those of us at the University of Chicago would like to share the photos and text from our event for several reasons: 1. to provide ideas for those holding similar services next year

2. to share with all those who wanted to attend but couldn’t make it what happened and

3. we chose to not print paper bulletins with the readings inside, and instead to post them here for all who wanted to look back and reflect on them again later.

So to start, here is the text for our service, for those who wish to reflect back on it or for those wondering what an interfaith environmental service might look like:

UofC Interfaith Service of Prayer and Reflection Readings

And here’s some photos from our event:

We set up a table near the front, with different objects from our faith traditions:

Table with prayer beads

Subir Trivedi, reading from the Bhagavada Gita:

 Subir Trivedi, Hindu Reading

Saffia Hossainzadeh, reading from Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr:

Saffia Hossainzadeh, Muslim Reading

Sallie King, reading from the IPCC 2007 report:

Sallie King, Science Reading

Our singing group, the Meadville Lombards, from Meadville Lombard Theological School:

Meadville Lombards 2


One response to “Report from the University of Chicago Day of Prayer Service

  1. I loved reading your service — the multifaith aspect, the incredible wisdom there, the similarities and differences among the faiths represented, and the clear ethical imperative for us all to rethink and reshape our relationships to earth. Thank you!

    Julie Matthaei and
    Professor of Economics,
    Wellesley College

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