About the Day

Welcome to the blog for the National Campus Day of Prayer and Reflection on Global Warming. Our hope is to bring people of all faiths from the different university communities across the U.S. to consider how their tradition might speak to the pressing issue of global warming, and to act as a springboard for our religious communities to become involved in action to fight global climate change. While the idea for the Day of Prayer was initially developed by students at Stanford University and the University of Chicago, we hope to see events for the Day of Prayer at campuses across the country. Our hope is that the Day of Prayer will allow for students, faculty, and other campus community members to take the time to consider the religious and ethical implications of global warming and to reflect on possibilities for change. To find out more about the Day of Prayer, please read our Call to Action, available below in both PDF and Word formats.


Our current conception of this blog is for it to provide both information as well as a space for reflection to aid in planning for the Day of Prayer. We thus aim to provide information both on the phenomenon of global warming itself and on the various resources in different religious traditions that might impact one’s understanding of global warming. To that end, we will be posting web links, as well as a “Resource Guide.” The guide contains sections from various faith traditions containing Scriptures, secondary materials, discussion questions, and other relevant information from each tradition to help students and other campus community members to create their own events for the Day of Prayer. We would also like to use this as a forum for folks around the country to share what their campus group will be doing for the Day of Prayer. If your group has an event planned, let us know the details so that we can post about it. You can send all information to globalwarmingprayer [at] gmail [dot] com. And please check back regularly as we have more resources available, and to be inspired by what others are doing on their campuses.


Additionally, we are interested in posting short reflective pieces on the relationship between global warming and particular religious traditions. Please email us if you are interested in writing a guest post. This could be commentary on a particular piece of Scripture or another text by a thinker from your faith tradition, or a more personal piece on how your tradition has impacted your thinking about global warming. We are also interested in further assistance in editing and developing our Resource Guide. If your faith tradition is not represented and you are willing to put together a section for the guide on your tradition, please contact us! We also welcome new links, materials, and suggested corrections for the current sections. Again, those can be sent to globalwarmingprayer [at] gmail [dot] com.


Please check out the Guide and additional links as they are posted. For now, you can read more about the National Campus Day of Prayer and Reflection here:

Call to Action (Word)

Call to Action (PDF)



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