Resource Guide

The National Campus Day of Prayer and Reflection on Global Warming Resource Guide is intended to aid all those who wish to lead an event on their campus by providing basic information on global warming and basic materials from each tradition that might be pertinent to a prayer or study-centered event, including Scriptures, suggested worship materials, and discussion questions. We suggest that you begin by reading our Science and Policy section, followed by the chapter focused on your tradition. However, don’t shy away from reading the chapters for other traditions as well; they may help spark new ideas and may also prove especially useful if you are interested in putting on an interfaith prayer event.

We have divided our resource guide into smaller sections, so that you do not have to download it in its entirety. All sections are available both in Word and PDF formats.

We are still finishing several of the chapters; please check back for updates. We hope to soon add a section on Judaism, and one on Christianity written from a more distinctly Catholic perspective. If your tradition is not represented and you would like to help us create a chapter for your tradition, please contact us at globalwarmingprayer [at] gmail [dot] com. Similarly, we would also welcome any suggestions for additions to the existing components, as well as your ideas on web and print materials that others might find useful in planning an event on their campus.

Science and Policy

Word PDF


Word PDF

Ethical and Humanist Perspectives

Word PDF

Christianity – Protestant

Word PDF


Word PDF


Our apologies that we have not yet developed our own material on global warming and Judaism. However, you can find an abundance of resources at The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life.


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